Large Heavy Duty Air Conditioner 7.1KW

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The Heavy Duty 25,000btu Portable air conditioner is a powerful and reliable solution for any application that requires spot cooling. With flexible air ducts and a 25,000 Btu/hr cooling capacity, it’s perfect for commercial and industrial use. The unit features a large 12-liter condensate tank, auto shut-off, and a large LCD display with thermostatic control.

The warm air exhaust extends up to 9 meters. The unit features a robust steel body, heavy-duty rubber castors, and easy-to-clean aluminum mesh filters. Easily plug into any 240V 13-amp socket and direct hot air duct outside for rapid and efficient cooling.

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This Large Heavy Duty Air Conditioner 7.1KW is the ideal solution for any application that requires powerful and reliable cooling. Whether safeguarding a hot server room during breakdowns or cooling expansive open spaces, this unit is adept and reliable. Its flexible air ducts and robust 25,000 Btu/h cooling capacity make it one of the market’s most versatile hose-type units.

Moreover, boasting a large 12-liter condensate tank, this air conditioner enables extended use without constant emptying. Furthermore, featuring an auto shut-off function, the unit turns off when the tank is full, ensuring uninterrupted operation. The large LCD display and thermostatic control provide climate regulation, while the 9-meter exhaust offers flexibility in cramped areas.

This portable air conditioner is built to last, with a rugged steel body and heavy-duty rubber castors and handles for easy manoeuvrability. The unit is easy to use, simply plug it into any 240V 13-amp socket and place the hot air duct out of a window, door, or into a false ceiling. And with its aluminium mesh filters, it’s easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting performance.

Whether seeking potent cooling for commercial or industrial environments or dependable spot cooling at home, the Large Heavy Duty Air Conditioner 7.1KW is the ideal solution.

Same day, delivery nationwide available, 7 days a week.

Key Features

  • Large 12 litre condensate tank. Unit can be left alone for long periods without the need for emptying.
  • Auto Shut-Off: When the water tank is full, the warning light will illuminate on the control panel and the unit will automatically shut down until the tank is emptied.
  • Large LCD display with thermostatic control – giving users complete control over the climate.
  • Warm air exhaust can be extended up to 9 meters – offering great flexibility in situations where windows or ceilings are not easily accessible.
  • Robust unit with rugged steel body for long lasting
  • Heavy duty rubber castors and handles for easy manoeuvrability
  • Easy to use – just plug into any 240v 13 amp socket and place the hot air duct out of window/door or into false ceiling.
  • Aluminium mesh filters for easy cleaning and long life


Cooling Capacity 24,400 Btu / 7.1 kW
Dehumidifier Yes
Exhaust Duct 5 meters
Condensate Removal Yes
Air filter Yes
Dimensions H1250 x W500 x D620 (mm)
Air flow (High Speed) 1.020 cm/h
Noise Level 55 dBA
Weight 83.5 kg
Input power 2500 W
Rated current 12A
Voltage 240 V

Ideal For

  • Any situation where cooling is required.
  • Computer / Server rooms
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Factories
  • Film studios
  • Work shops
  • Offices
  • Production processes
  • Laboratories

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