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Daikin D1 Business Partner

Experience excellence with George's Daikin d1 partner status

Daikin Air conditioning have been at the forefront of the air conditioning industry for many years, and are renowned for their technological advances within the industry and produce the very best products, with an comprehensive product portfolio.

To uphold the reputation of their quality, Daikin operate an approved installer scheme known as the Daikin D1 partnership. George’s have been awarded this status which should give you peace of mind that we are fully trained to the highest level and have the facilities to install your system to the highest standards.

Why Choose a Daikin D1 Business Partner For Your New Climate Control System?

  • Established partners having the full support of Daikin UK and ‘Approved Installer Status’
  • Expert installers with full design and technical capability
  • Detailed quotations explained to you in straightforward terms
  • Committed to training and developing installation engineers to the highest standards
  • Full service and maintenance available from many D1 Business Partners
  • Professional and established businesses with diverse industry experience
  • Recognised members of industry organisations and the leading trade associations – providing additional sources of information and expertise for the installer
  • Access to tools and knowledge from Daikin UK for the most up to date solutions
  • Sensitive to the needs of business, avoiding disruption for customers and their customers
  • Extended warranties, offering fast, efficient and friendly service backed by a global leader and manufacturer
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Daikin D1 Business Partner

The Benefits of Choosing us

Daikin UK’s goal is to work in partnership to help our installer customers grow and develop their business. The D1 Partnership offers Approved Installers a vast range of benefits including project and technical assistance, marketing and communication support. D1 Business Partners benefit from being in a programme that rewards and promotes them, provides the business support they need and proactively strives to meet their future demands.

D1 Business Partners are selected by Daikin UK for their high standards of installation and expertise and are awarded ‘Business Partner Status’. D1 Business Partner status provides the end user with peace of mind that the installer is publicly endorsed and supported by Daikin UK. On many cases the D1 Business Partner can offer full design and technical assistance and provide detailed support information relevant to the project. The D1 Business Partner acts as a valuable aid to the M & E consultant or architect, offering their expertise to the design process.

D1 Business Partners are skilled professionals who will provide proposals based on many years’ experience, technical know-how and product knowledge, so that you can be confident your new system is the best possible solution, combining operating and cost efficiencies. D1 Business Partners will explain the options available, provide detailed quotes and written recommendations to guide you through the complete process.

  • If you choose an overpowered unit for a small room, you will feel damp and humid instead of cool and refreshed. This is because the system will create too much refrigerated air for the space than is required. On the other hand, a unit that is too small will need to run constantly to try and cool the area, wasting energy and money.
  • It’s important to get the right balance between room size and cooling capacity. To work out the type of unit you require, call us today on 0208 207 2455 or alternatively you can use our cooling calculator

A D1 Business Partner will have already developed a good working relationship with Daikin UK and have an established client portfolio, product knowledge and experience. By using a D1 Business Partner, you will know that they have a sense of permanence and reliability and can be confident you are dealing with a company that will serve you for many years. D1 Business Partners are innovative and dynamic, enthusiastic about building their relationship with Daikin UK in order to grow their business, and committed to the highest standards in customer service.

All Daikin products typically come with a three year manufacturer’s warranty. However, because of Daikin UK’s belief in the high standard of D1 Business Partner installations, D1 Business Partners are offered up to seven year warranty (subject to conditions). This benefit can be passed on to the customer, signalling confidence in the quality of both the product and the installation.

Daikin products have an unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability and are manufactured to the highest standards. Continual investment in research and development has resulted in an unmatched product portfolio. D1 Business Partners can provide full service and maintenance for optimum efficiency in operation for Daikin systems, and provide reassurance in the unlikely event of equipment breakdown.

Daikin D1 Business Partners are, in many cases members of the leading trade associations, adding to their credentials as industry experts. Daikin UK positively encourages and supports D1 Business Partners to become part of independently recognised organisations that look to continually raise industry standards.

Daikin D1 Business Partners have access to specialist diagnostic tools and design software to enable them to provide the very best possible service to customers.

This certification shows customers of the D1 Business Partner that they are committed to the Daikin brand and Daikin UK is committed to them in every respect.