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-Introducing our Heavy Duty 25,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, perfect for spot cooling in commercial and industrial setup. At 25,000 Btu/h, flexible ducts, auto shut off, and LCD display, it’s a easy-to-use cooling solution. Warm air exhaust extends 9m; durable steel body, heavy duty castors, and easy clean filters ensure longevity. Simply plug it into any 240V 13-amp socket for quick and effective cooling.

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Introducing Heavy Duty Air Conditioner 7.1kW. A great cooling solution designed to meet the demands of diverse applications. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, this flexible tubing unit is perfect for scenarios ranging from protection a hot server room during emergencies to effectively cooling expansive open spaces.


With a robust 25,000 Btu/h cooling capacity, this portable air conditioner ensures rapid and effective cooling, even in challenging environments. The unit’s stand out feature is its substantial 12l condensate tank, thereby allowing for extended use without the constant need for emptying.

For added convenience, an auto shut off feature activates when the tank is full, ensuring hassle-free operation.

This unit’s flexible air ducts provide unparalleled versatility, thus precisely directing cool air where needed most. It stands out as one of the most adaptable options available, thus guaranteeing optimal cooling in any situation. The LCD display with thermostatic control allows precise climate customization, consequently ensuring optimal cooling tailored to individual preferences.

The warm air exhaust can be extended up to 9 meters, thereby allowing for flexibility in reaching and cooling hard-to-access areas. The air conditioner’s rugged steel body, along with heavy-duty rubber castors and handles, ensures easy maneuverability and durability.


Maintenance is a breeze with the aluminum mesh filters, insuring long lasting and efficient performance. Setup is effort less: plug into a 240V 13-amp socket, direct the hot air duct, and experience instant, powerful cooling.

Whether you need robust cooling in commercial or industrial setup or reliable spot cooling at home, our Heavy Duty 25,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect choice. It delivers a winning combination of power, versatility, and durability, keeping your environment cool and comfortable with confidence.

Key Features

  1. Powerful Cooling Capacity: With an impressive 25,000 Btu/hr cooling capacity, this portable air conditioner ensures rapid and effective cooling even in challenging environments.
  2. Large Condensate Tank: The Heavy Duty AC Unit features an impressive 12-liter condensate tank, allowing the unit to operate autonomously for extended periods without the need for constant emptying. This large capacity ensures uninterrupted cooling, particularly useful in situations where regular attention may not be feasible.
  3. Auto Shut-Off: Equipped with an intelligent Auto Shut-Off feature, the unit takes care of itself. When the water tank reaches full capacity, a warning light on the control panel illuminates, triggering an automatic shutdown. This not only prevents potential damage but also serves as a convenient reminder for maintenance, ensuring optimal performance.
  4.  LCD Display with Thermostatic Control: The Heavy Duty AC Unit puts complete climate control in the hands of users with its large LCD display and thermostatic control. This feature allows precise adjustment of temperature settings, providing a customized and comfortable environment.
  5. Extended Warm Air Exhaust: Offering exceptional flexibility, the warm air exhaust can be extended up to 9 meters. This feature is particularly valuable in scenarios where windows or ceilings are not easily accessible, allowing users to direct warm air to specific areas effectively.
  6. Robust Construction: Built to last, the unit boasts a robust steel body. This ensures durability in challenging environments, making it suitable for heavy-duty use in various settings.
  7. Heavy Duty Rubber Castors and Handles: Maneuverability is made easy with heavy-duty rubber castors and handles. The unit can be effortlessly relocated as needed, providing convenience and adaptability in its deployment.
  8.  Easy Installation: User-friendly design makes the Heavy Duty AC Unit easy to use. Simply plug it into any standard 240V 13-amp socket and position the hot air duct out of a window, door, or into a false ceiling. This straightforward setup ensures quick and hassle-free installation.
  9. Aluminium Mesh Filters: Maintenance is simplified with aluminum mesh filters. These filters not only contribute to easy cleaning but also ensure a long lifespan for the unit, promoting consistent and efficient performance over time


Cooling Capacity24,400 Btu / 7.1 kW
Exhaust Duct5 meters
Condensate RemovalYes
Air filterYes
DimensionsH1250 x W500 x D620 (mm)
Air flow (High Speed)1.020 cm/h
Noise Level55 dBA
Weight83.5 kg
Input power2500 W
Rated current12A
Voltage240 V

Ideal For

The Heavy Duty AC Unit is a versatile cooling solution suitable for a wide range of applications where efficient and powerful cooling is essential. Here are some key applications for the Heavy Duty AC Unit:

  1. Computer/Server Rooms: Ensure optimal operating conditions and prevent overheating in critical server and computer environments.
  2. Telephone Exchanges: Maintain the temperature of telecommunication equipment to ensure reliable and uninterrupted communication services.
  3. Factories: Cool large industrial spaces to create a comfortable working environment for employees and prevent machinery overheating.
  4. Film Studios: Provide effective cooling in film and television production studios to create a comfortable working environment for cast and crew, while also preventing equipment overheating.
  5. Workshops: Keep workshops cool for workers, especially in environments where heat-producing tools and machinery are in use.
  6. Offices: Ensure a comfortable and productive workspace for office employees by regulating the temperature in large or open office areas.
  7. Production Processes: Support various production processes that generate heat, helping to maintain ideal working conditions and prevent equipment malfunction.
  8. Laboratories: Maintain precise and controlled temperatures in laboratory settings, where temperature-sensitive experiments and equipment are utilized.

The Heavy Duty AC Unit’s adaptability, powerful cooling capacity, and durability make it suitable for diverse environments, providing a reliable solution to meet the cooling needs of different industries and applications.

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