Cyclone 50L Industrial Heavy Duty Dehumidifier

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Introducing the Cyclone line of industrial Dehumidifiers, designed specifically for commercial environments such as factories, warehouses, stores, and gyms. These robust units are highly effective at eliminating significant humidity, and stopping mold growth, promoting a healthier atmosphere. Perfect for addressing flood or leak outcomes, these Dehumidifiers efficiently handle large scale water removal tasks.

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Introducing the Cyclone 50L Industrial Heavy Duty Dehumidifier. This robust solution is designed to extract up to 50 liters of wetness daily. This is reducing the risk of mold and mildew spread. This power house unit is adept at curbing the spread of viruses, promoting a healthier environment for users.

Equipped with features such as auto defrost and timer functions, the Cyclone Dehumidifier eases maintenance efforts. Its 7-liter tank capacity, coupled with auto shut off or continuous drainage capabilities, facilitates continued operation with minimal oversight.

Incorporating an environmentally conscious design, the Cyclone Dehumidifier utilizes the eco-friendly R290 refrigerant, contributing to sustainability initiatives while ensuring operational safety. The inclusion of a removable, washable filter further enhances efficiency, guaranteeing consistent performance over time.

Whether dealing with excess humidity, managing post-flood scenarios, or simply improving indoor air quality, the Cyclone Dehumidifier stands as the ultimate solution. Its formidable performance, user focused features, and eco conscious design render it essential for managing a beneficial and comfortable living or working environment.

Cyclone Dehumidifiers represent a reliable and efficient choice for maximizing environmental conditions in commercial and industrial settings alike. From factories to warehouses, shops, and gyms, Cyclone Dehumidifiers excel in air quality and promoting occupant well-being.

Trust Cyclone 50L Industrial Heavy Duty Dehumidifier to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. This ensures a more comfortable atmosphere in your establishment.

Key Features

  • High Extraction Capacity: The industrial dehumidifier offers an impressive 50 litres extraction per day, ensuring efficient moisture control in large spaces.


  • Adjustable Humidistat: Control humidity levels effortlessly with the adjustable humidistat, allowing precise customization for optimal comfort.


  • Durable Metal Body: Built with a high-impact metal body, this dehumidifier is ideal for heavy-duty use in commercial operations or rental applications.


  • Portability: Designed for convenience, the unit is portable on large wheels and castors, making it easy to move and position wherever it’s needed.


  • User-Friendly LCD Screen: The LCD screen with humidity display provides clear information and allows easy monitoring of the dehumidification process.


  • Versatile Water Management: Equipped with a 7L water tank for standalone use and permanent drainage options for continuous operation, offering flexibility based on your needs.


  • Intelligent Micro-CPU Control: The dehumidifier features an intelligent micro-CPU controlled humidistat with exact settings and power-saving logic, ensuring optimal performance with energy efficiency.


Moisture Removal Capacity50L/day (300C RH80%)
30L/day (270C RH60%)
Power SupplyAC 220-240V/50Hz
Rated Power900W (300C RH80%)
750W (270C RH60%)
Rated Current4.0A (300C RH80%)
3.4A (270C RH60%)
Max Suction Pressure1.0 MPa
Max Discharge Pressure2.5 MPa
RefrigerantR290 – 200g
Moisture ProtectionIP22
Net Weight30kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)48 x 45 x 65.5cm

Ideal For

Revitalize Your Space with Our Industrial Dehumidifier – Tailored Excellence for:

  1. Warehouses:
    • Inventory Assurance: Shield goods from moisture damage, ensuring pristine product quality.
    • Workflow Optimisation: Create an efficient storage environment, enhancing operational productivity.
  2. Manufacturing Facilities:
    • Equipment Longevity: Safeguard machinery by controlling humidity, extending the life of critical equipment.
    • Productivity Hub: Foster a conducive atmosphere for heightened productivity and employee well-being.
  3. Greenhouses:
    • Optimal Growth Conditions: Cultivate robust plant development with precise humidity control.
    • Supermarkets:
      • Freshness Maximization: Extend the shelf life of perishables, crafting a crisp, inviting shopping atmosphere.
      • Food Safety: Uphold optimal conditions to meet and exceed food safety standards.
  4. Hospitals:
    • Patient Well-being: Prioritize health with controlled humidity, mitigating the risk of infections.
    • Mold Prevention: Cultivate a sterile environment, actively countering mold-related challenges.
  5. Indoor Gymnasiums:
    • Athlete Comfort: Create a comfortable training space with minimized odors and moisture.
    • Equipment Care: Preserve gym equipment through meticulous humidity control.
  6. Large Basements:
    • Structural Integrity: Safeguard against structural damage and protect valuables stored in basements.
    • Livable Spaces: Transform basements into habitable living areas by regulating excess moisture.
  7. Venues:
    • Event Success: Ensure a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for diverse events.
    • Environmental Control: Adapt conditions to suit varying events, from concerts to conferences.
  8. Flood Restoration:
    • Rapid Drying: Accelerate the restoration process by efficiently removing excess moisture.
    • Prevent Mold Growth: Combat mold formation after floods, ensuring a swift and comprehensive recovery.

Choose Our Industrial Dehumidifier – Precision, Reliability, and Comfort for Every Space.

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