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  • Save Electricity by Using Inverter Air conditioners

    Air conditioning units are biggest threat to people, who are worried about paying electricity bills, with sweltering summer already started frying up people, there is no way other than getting locked up inside AC rooms.

    People suffering from heat

    To avoid the significant increase in the electricity bills, now a day’s air conditioners come with built-in inverters that can save a humongous amount of electricity. These inverter AC’s drive the refrigerant flow in the air conditioning system by controlling the speed of the compressor motor and then regulates the temperature of that particular conditioned-space.

    Difference between Normal and Inverter Air conditioners:

    Inverter Air conditioner

    Inverter air conditioners provide great savings compared to the normal ones and are better at maintain the temperature. Inverter air conditioner saves energy upto 64%.

    Let's take an example of 2 Ton inverter air conditioner versus non-inverter air conditioner

    • A 2 Ton inverter air conditioner works initially at 2.2 Ton and as the desired temperature is achieved it reduces its capacity to 2, 1.5 or 1 Ton based on room conditions.
    • A 2 Ton non-inverter air conditioner on the other hand works at 2 Ton all the times.

    Air Conditioner

    (i.e.) when compressor needs more power it gives more power and when it needs less power it gives less power to the compressor this is the principle of an inverter air conditioner. Inverter air conditioners keeps temperature stable at desired levels, it adjusts itself depending on the room’s capacity thereby drawing less power and consuming lesser units of electricity.

    In Inverter air conditioner the compressor is always on it uses more power or less power depending on the incoming air it draws. This inverter air conditioner comes in split models only.

    Things to keep in mind before purchasing an Inverter air conditioner:

    Tips to Buy AC

    It is highly important to purchase a right sized air conditioner for your room, make sure that you evaluate and purchase a perfect air conditioner for your room.

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    • May 05 ,2016