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What are the advantages of portable air conditioning units?

  • A great affordable alternative to fixed air conditioning systems that require installation.
  • Easy to Setup
  • They can be moved from room to room, as they are not permanently fixed to your wall.
  • Easy to maintain and service.

What are the disadvantages of portable air conditioning units?

  • Slightly nosier than fixed units as all the components are housed in the one unit (i.e. there is no outdoor unit)
  • Some portable units require manual removal of the water collected, instead of dripping directly outdoors
  • Not as effective as fixed systems, but they do lower the temperature in rooms by several degrees

What size unit do I need?

  • When buying or hiring a portable air conditioner, it is important to choose the correct size unit for the area you wish to cool.
  • Output is rated in kilowatts (kW) or British Thermal units (Btu’s). Generally, the bigger the area you need to cool, the more kW/Btu’s required.

Is bigger always better?

  • If you choose an overpowered unit for a small room, you will feel damp and humid instead of cool and refreshed. This is because the system will create too much refrigerated air for the space than is required. On the other hand, a unit that is too small will need to run constantly to try and cool the area, wasting energy and money.
  • It's important to get the right balance between room size and cooling capacity. To work out the type of unit you require, call us today on 0208 207 2455 or alternatively you can use our cooling calculator

Can I leave doors and windows open while operating the unit?

  • It's best to close curtains, blinds and windows during the hottest part of the day. This will help keep your room cooler and prevent your air conditioning unit from having to work harder than it has to, thus saving you money.

How should evaporative coolers be used?

  • Evaporative air coolers should be used in open spaces, rather than enclosed spaces.
  • There must be water in the water tank. The room/area should have open doors and windows to allow free flow of air. An evaporative air cooler works best when placed near an open window as fresh air is drawn into the cooler. This air circulates in the room and the exits via the door. Maximum cooling effect is felt when near the flow of air coming out of the evaporative air cooler.

How effective are they?

Users should not expect an evaporative air cooler to work as effectively as a refrigerated air conditioning unit. However, there are certain advantages to evaporative air coolers over refrigerated air conditioning units:

  • More appropriate in certain applications e.g. large halls, sports halls, etc.
  • Environment friendly as they work with water rather than refrigerant gas.
  • Use a fraction of the power of air conditioning units as they work by rotating their blades to move the air around in the area they are placed. Although they do not reduce the temperature like portable air conditioning units and coolers, they create a breeze providing comfort in hot stuffy environments.

Should I buy or hire my unit/s?

  • This depends on your situation and it might make more sense to hire rather than buy specific equipment. Variables have to be taken into account, which include acquisition cost, financing, usage rate, maintenance, storage and other costs.