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Service & Maintenance

Why have air conditioning units serviced?

Dirty systems have to work harder making them more expensive to run and shortening their life span. Maintained system prevent long term damage, Improve comfort levels, efficiency and reliability, leading to a reduction in repair cost and increase in the life span of your system.


Call outs and planned maintenance Program

It is essential to have your airconditioning system serviced on a minimum of a annual interval. The number of services required is dependent on your environment and usage of the equipment. A rough thumb of rule is resedential application, once a year, commercial premises (offices & shops) twice a year. Where there are high level of pollantants in the air such as hair dressers or beauty salons three or more services. We can provided a planned maintenace program specifically tailored for your needs.

  • Benifits

    Reduce energy costs 

  • Benifits

    Retention of warranty 

  • Benifits

    Prevent costly breakdowns

  • Benifits

    Stop Bacterial growth.

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What does a service include? 

In a typical service a vast array of checks and cleaning operations are carried out to ensure the smooth operation of your system

  • Pressure and gas leak check. Full inspection of all valves and pipes connections along with pressure check with guages to indentify gas levels
  • Temperature monitor. Full temperature assesment of indoor and outdoor fancoils to monitor health of system.
  • Filters cleaned and protected. Our engineers will ensure your system is cleaned properly using our unique antibacterial foam and spray.
  • Outdoor coils cleaned. Using our special coil cleaner all outdoor units are thoroughly cleaned and protected.

If you would like our help to service or repair your air conditioning system please feel free to contact us below and we will be more than happy to help you